Kohlrabi microgreens

Kholrabi Microgreens

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Kohlrabi microgreens possess a unique flavor profile that is crisp, slightly sweet, and reminiscent of fresh cabbage. They have a subtle nuttiness with a hint of peppery notes, making them a delightful addition to various dishes.

Kohlrabi microgreens can be used in a multitude of food combinations. They add a refreshing crunch and vibrant flavor to salads, lending themselves well to both leafy green salads and grain-based salads. These microgreens can also be incorporated into wraps, sandwiches, and tacos, enhancing the overall texture and taste.

In terms of beverages, kohlrabi microgreens can be included in smoothies to provide an added freshness and mild flavor. They can be paired with fruits like apples, pears, or citrus for a balanced and invigorating drink.

Nutrient content of kohlrabi microgreens:

  • Rich in vitamins C and K, which contribute to immune function and bone health.
  • Contains significant amounts of B-vitamins, including folate, which support energy metabolism and cell growth.
  • Provides dietary fiber, aiding in digestion and promoting a healthy gut.
  • Offers minerals such as potassium, calcium, and magnesium, important for various bodily functions.

Incorporating kohlrabi microgreens into your diet can be a healthy choice. Their nutrient content, low calorie count, and high fiber content make them a nutritious addition to meals. Including them in a well-balanced diet can help support overall health, boost immunity, and contribute to maintaining optimal nutrition.

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